Our Mission

Our goal is to be the highest quality provider to each sector we service in the Construction Industry. We will distinguish ourselves by operating with integrity, expertise, innovation, and successful execution of the work. We will pioneer and develop a model for team structured implementation and strive to develop each team member to their full potential. We will make an ethical commitment to our clients, team members, and strategic partners as a part of the foundation of our mission. We will strive to be socially responsible corporate citizens and active participants in the communities in which we live and work.

About TBS

Team Builder Solutions (TBS) was formed in 2013 to supply Executive Level Management for construction project planning and execution. We have quickly evolved into a Team Based Management Solutions Provider.

Our strength is assembling customized teams to give our clients comprehensive full lifecycle strategies. These teams deliver high level solutions with an emphasis on Advanced Work Packaging. This process facilitates / drives much more efficient project execution.

We provide services that encompass Planning, Proposal Preparation, Design/Constructability Reviews, Audits, and Project Execution. We have developed a relationship with a strategic technology partner to ensure our teams are always at the forefront of industry innovation.

Our Team Builder model ensures that team members advance through a mentoring framework. Each team has a highly qualified and experienced manager whose mandate includes training and promoting future leaders. The Client benefits from a highly motivated, focused, and engaged solutions team.

The TBS team also uses the mentoring model to train Client candidates in the strategies we have developed. This ensures the client has an experienced Lead with whom to build an internal team for the next project. TBS can provide advance planning and audits if requested to ensure the success of the new department.